CrytpoBUB Info


Hello and welcome to CryptoBUB - The Bot's Utility Bot. If you are unfamiliar with the goal of this tool, you are in the right place. CryptoBUB is a utility bot addon within Google Sheets. It is intended to be used in conjunction with 3Commas as an automated solution to update user's trading bots based on user preference.

How does it work?

Because CryptoBUB is a Google Sheets addon, you will need to have a Google account and then install the addon. From there you will follow the simple setup instructions/tutorial of connecting your 3Commas account. Once connected, you can then import your trade bots for simple alterations. One integration example is using our Poobah Metrics to filter the best pairs for your bot. For example, a user who uses Crypto Quality Signals (free signals only) as their start condition can set a filter on CryptoBUB for a particular trade close time and a max draw down factor. Each day the user's trading bot will be updated with all pairs that fit their filter and will be updated accordingly. And the best part? It's automated.

Can it be used with other trading platforms?

CryptoBUB is currently able to work with only 3Commas because of their available bot API integration. An alternative solution for users using Zignaly and Crypto Quality Signals (free signals only) for example would be to visit Poobah Metrics and grab the pairs directly. Please note that premium or marketplace channels are not supported. Only the native starting conditions offered by 3Commas. 


Included Features

✔  Auto-Updating

✔  Custom Pairs

✔  Bot Importing

✔  Bot Editing

✔  Poobah Metrics

✔  Custom Data Signal Filters

✔  Free CQS Signals

✔  3Commas Native Start Conditions

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