CrytpoBUB Info


Hello and welcome to CryptoBUB - A 3Commas Utility Bot for your bots. This utility bot attempts to help users automate custom strategies by introducing custom logic outside of the 3Commas workflow.

How does it work?

The CryptoBUB works by connecting to your 3Commas account via their API. Once connected, you can then start making changes to your bots (called Profiles in CBUB). Additionally, this allows CBUB to utilize external logic which means custom strategies can be implemented to improve certain profile conditions.

Can it be used with other trading platforms?

CryptoBUB is specifically made to work with only 3Commas because of their available bot API integration.


Included Features

✔  Auto-Updating

✔  Custom Pairs

✔  Bot Importing

✔  Bot Editing
✔  Success/Error Logs

✔  Custom Data Signal Filters
✔  3Commas Native Deal Start Conditions

Custom CBUB Strategies

CryptoBUB CQS Profit Rate % (For Free CQS Signals)

-Works for all exchanges provided by CQS (that 3Commas provides trading bots for)


Binance Futures



(Works for Binance, not Binance US due to their pair count being so low)

 CryptoBUB Autospread Strategy

-Auto-updates your Target Profit % and 1st Safety Order Deviation % based on the spread of your choosing

Examples: 1H / 4H / 6H / 24H etc

Limited to what the exchange offers

Note: CQS Profit Rate % requires the use of a composite bot on 3Commas which may require you to have a specific kind of 3Commas subscription. Please make sure you have the correct subscription type before attempting to use the custom strategy.