The Better Traders

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Trading Is Hard

Let's be honest, trading is NOT easy. If it were, everyone who did would be rich.

The good news: The Better Traders

We have partnered up with The Better Traders to help spread the word about their teachings and courses. These guys are dedicated to teaching you how to get your feet wet in cryptocurrency and how to make the most out of some great tools including:

  • Poobah One Market Scanner

  • Poobah Pro Market Scanner

  • TBO Indicator

  • 3Commas

  • 3Commas Trading Bots

  • And More!

Now, just to be clear, they do not teach or offer financial advice (and neither do we) in order to stay compliant so make sure you understand that these are educational materials and not simply hot shot calls by some Crypto Guru.

The Goods

Depending on your skill level and your goals as a trader, The Better Traders (TBT) has several courses to choose from. These range from getting started with an introduction course, to honing in your passive income skills with trading bots, to account building (specific methods of trading for smaller accounts).

Full disclosure: Since we have partnered with The Better Traders we do receive a small kickback from the affiliate links included below.

15 Minutes to Financial Freedom

  • Learn how to use the tools to analyze charts that takes only 15 minutes a day to manage.

  • Learn how to grow your account using Account Building techniques.

  • Learn essentials of indicators like the TBO (Trending Break Out) indicator, and the Relative Strength Index (RSI).

  • 30 Days TBO Included FREE

Account Building

  • Learn the basics of 3Commas Smart Trade terminal for AB Trading.

  • Learn three powerful Account Building (AB) techniques.

  • Channel Trading: learn how to spot support and resistance and trade a channel.

  • Aftershock Pumps: don't follow pump and dump groups- learn to trade from Moonin Papa.

Mastering Passive Income

  • You will Learn all the Shortcuts to using 3Commas Powerful Automated Trading Bots

  • You will Learn How to Become a Master from the Master of 3Commas: Moonin Papa

  • You will learn about the  "Golden Ratio" rule when using Technical Analysis

  • 180 Days TBO+Backtester Included FREE  

The Smarter Trader

  • You will Learn all the Shortcuts to using 3Commas' powerful Smart Trade terminal

  • You will learn Active Trading Techniques for the TBO Indicator

  • You will Learn how to Develop Your Own Trading Strategy

  • You will learn about Successful Ways to use Leverage Safely

  • 180 Days TBO+Backtester Included FREE