General Questions

What is the Poobah Pro Scanner?

The Poobah Pro Scanner has been made into an add-on for Google Sheets. This is a different approach than the original Poobah One Scanner which was simply a spreadsheet.

How do I install the scanners?

For Poobah Pro, you can do so by going here. The link is also shown once you sign up. It's a simple installation process, and there is a short tutorial located here. For Poobah One you can go here.

What's the difference between the two scanners?

Mainly, the amount of additional data and customization. Since the Pro version is an addon, this means that you will control your own Google spreadsheet. This allows filtering, sorting, different themes, etc per each user. Additionally, the Pro version has many more features included compared to the free version.

So Poobah Pro costs money?

Yes. Well, BTC to be specific. At this time only BTC payments will be accepted. We are pro Crypto and thus enjoy the idea of receiving BTC instead of fiat to embrace the adoption of Cryptocurrencies. This also allows lower barriers of entry for people around the world.

BTC? Does that mean I will have to repurchase additional time?

This depends on how you want your subscription set up. If you use Coinbase then you can use their auto-renew feature which is recommended. It's very simple to start/end. Otherwise yes, you will need to purchase additional time. Consider it similar to purchasing a pre-paid time card for a video game that you reload once it finishes. Each TX ID (transaction ID) counts as time towards 1 subscription.

General Definitions


Coin Name


Current 24h High Price


Current 24h Low Price


Current 24h Last Price

24H Volume

Current 24H Volume

Near 24H Low

A percentage that shows how close the last captured price is to the last captured low. This is useful for investigating good entry points for trades.

24H Spread

A percentage that shows the relation between the last captured High, Low and Last. This is useful for seeing what kind of range the coin has had recently. A higher spread means the distance between the high and low grew. A lower one means the distance between high and low shrank.

Whip %

A percentage that is similar to 24h spread but has a higher time frame of 24-48 hours. This is useful for seeing what kind of volatility has happened recently. Like the 24h spread, the higher the % the more volatility has happened recently. The lower % means a higher chance of finding a small channel. This is based on different averages within a 24-48h time period.

Fat Finger

The golden ale of Crypto trading. This column will show any price movement below the current average low. This is meant to find a previously triggered fat finger in anticipation for another one firing soon. These range from small 0-15%, medium 15-30%, and HUGE >30%. Not all movements will be FF.

Pumped UP

Another prize in Crypto Trading. This column will show any price movement above the current average high. This is meant to find a previously triggered pump with anticipation to catch an aftershock trade. These range from small 0-15%, medium 15-30%, and HUGE >30%. Not all movements will be pumps.

Median Volume

The median volume is basically the middle point of the volume range. This is a much more accurate method of finding the volume of a coin for trading. Instead of seeing what a coin has done over 24h which can be very misleading, you can now see the current middle point for this week.

Average Volume

Another useful indicator that will often help in filtering out coins that should and shouldn't be traded based on user preference.

7D Median Volume

This is the median volume for the last 7 days. Data is saved and reset every Monday.

Poobah One Specific Questions

How often is this scanner updated?

Data for this scanner is updated every couple of minutes. Usually 10-20 minutes. The data is hooked to Google Finance so that when Google pushes a new update, then the data is updated. There is no set time frame for updates. There is also no live data stream as Google Sheets doesn't support this.

Do I need to refresh anything on my end?

Nope! Data will automatically be refreshed so no refreshing of the page is necessary. (Sometimes Google Sheets times out though so it is good to switch to another sheet within the scanner if you haven't in a couple of hours to manually "refresh". This has to deal more with the backend of how Google Sheets work rather than the spreadsheet itself.)

What's the difference between the Poobah One website and the spreadsheet?

Nothing at all really. It's more just for user preference. If you don't want to have a spreadsheet open all the time, you can have the website open instead. They're both listed on the Poobah One page.

Will volume and other data be added eventually?

No, the Poobah One scanner is meant to be an introduction and thus will stay the way it is. Many many more hours of work went into the backend data saving for the Poobah Pro version. More than 50+ sheets worth in fact. However, with that said, Poobah One will also remain free to use.