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So What Is This Thing?

Poobah Crypto Scanner is a service that is intended to show and weed out potential account building cryptocurrencies. It was initially developed by Moomin Papa with additional alterations by Drungle_OG. Poobah One was the first version released. Shortly after, work began on a more powerful feature-rich scanner and thus Poobah Pro was born. Poobah One utilizes Google Sheets' cloud and presentation functionalities to turn a simple spreadsheet idea into a fully functional scanner/website service. Poobah Pro takes this one step further. Being available as a standalone Google Sheets addon means additional personalization and customization for the user.

First Things First

If you're unfamiliar with the QFL (Quickfingers Luc) method of trading, then we highly suggest researching and watching his videos on YouTube. His account building method is what inspired this tool to be created and as such is the recommended trading style to be used with this tool starting out. You can also find additional resources from Luc on Steemit. Additionally, watching all videos related to MoominPapa's Youtube channel will help explain different trading methods and situations.

Overall Goal of Scanners

Bear in mind that the overall goal of this scanner is NOT to tell you exactly what coins to trade. It is to show you POTENTIAL coins that are within a particular range that are worth INVESTIGATING. The primary function of this tool is to show movement. When that movement coincides with a range, channel, or volume that meets your trading style or expectations, that's when you should consider opening a trade. Just because something is color-coded does NOT mean it's a 100% safe trade. This tool is meant to help find patterns and is not intended to be any kind of instant alert scanner. 


Data and Frequency

The back end data is hooked to each individual exchange and will automatically. It will refresh every 15 minutes. The Poobah Pro data automatically imports every 1 hour but can be manually imported anytime. The Poobah One sheet will update as new backend data is pulled in. Again, these scanners are best used for finding common movements and patterns for low volume/high spread coins. Instantaneous alerts and data is not the goal. Each new week, data is saved continuously. Once that week completes, the data is saved and data saving for the new week begins. Once that new week finishes, the 2-week old data is wiped and the cycle repeats, giving us a true median of volume for the past 7-day period. The most important thing to keep in mind here: Data from the exchanges won't be instantaneous, there can be several minutes of delay.


Pricing Structure and Availability

Poobah One is the first version released and therefore will currently remain free to use until determined otherwise. Being bullish on Cryptocurrency in general, we've decided to only accept BTC payments/transactions for Poobah Pro.  There are different tiers separated by lengths of time. Once your time runs out, you will need to repurchase additional time as there is no auto subscription. (Unless you use Coinbase recurring payments. More about that here.) Sometimes there may be data outages due to exchange data going down temporarily. This is out of our control and should be expected. However, if for some reason data is not available for an extended length of time, we will compensate for time as we deem necessary.

Useful Trading Tools

You will find a list of recommended tools on the sign-up page that has been accepted by the community as extremely helpful to use in conjunction with the scanners. Not only will they potentially help you make more money, but they'll also help with workflow and trading in general.

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