Poobah One

The Break Down

What is it?

The Poobah One is a cryptocurrency account building scanner. The reason it is paired with "account building" is because of the nature of the lower volume coins that it picks up. Naturally lower volume coins have larger spreads. If you know how to trade these properly then there is potential to build your account quickly, hence account building.


Data Frequency

Data is pulled in and is based on a 24H time frame. It is hooked to Google Finance so that it updates every couple of minutes. The site itself will also update automatically every 5 minutes.


Cost of Service

As of this moment, Poobah One is free to use until determined otherwise. Just click the link and load it up.

Information Provided


24H High Price - The last captured high

24H Low Price - The last captured low

24H Last Price - The last captured price

Near 24h Low Percentage - This shows the relationship between the last price and the spread percent. Specifically where within the spread percentage range the last price is. For instance, 2% means the last price is 2% above the last low captured.

Spread High vs Low - This shows the range the coin has moved over a 24H period in a percentage format. For example: ETH/BTC shows 5% spread meaning the coin's low and high is 5% apart.

Grouped Categories - Pairs are group based on the most recent spread percent. They are color-coded to make it easier to see a difference between each group.

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