Poobah Pro

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The Break Down

What is it?

Poobah Pro is the paid version of Poobah One, a cryptocurrency account building scanner addon for Google Sheets. The Pro version offers a much more in depth look into the available data from exchanges. If you're familiar with account building, then you know the struggles of going down sometimes 30,50,70 charts/coins only to find minimal coins to trade. (Which takes forever!) With Poobah Pro, you have the ease of having pairs auto hyperlinked straight to the charts for you. You can choose your filter criteria, run down a list of coins in 5-10 minutes, and get back to what needs to be done.

Data Frequency

Like Poobah One, data is pulled in from the exchanges. However some key differences is the amount of time in between the data provided. Both Poobah One and Poobah Pro are based on a 24H time frame, but Poobah Pro has additional data points. Data is collected on a rolling 4-hour, rolling 24h, daily, weekly and bi-weekly basis.

Cost of Service

Poobah One was designed to make the tediousness of searching for account building coins a minimum. Many hours and late nights went into tinkering, creating, and fixing all the different elements of this tool. In fact 50+ Google sheets are being used to make this happen. With the amount of work put into this, we've decided to make this a subscription model. Not only will this help offset the cost of the data we're using, but it will compensate for the time needed to maintain the project.

Account Building Exchanges





Included Features

✔ Account Building Exchanges

Bittrex | Binance | KuCoin | HitBTC

✔ Exchange Exclusive Pairs

✔ 24H High Monitoring

✔ 24H Low Monitoring

✔ 24H Last Monitoring

✔ Near 24H Low Percentage

✔ Spread High vs Low Percentage

✔ Auto Grouped Categories

✔ 4H / 24H / 7D Volume Data

✔ Median Volume

✔ Previous 7D Median Volume Data

✔ Dark & Light Themes

✔ Whip %

✔ Fat Finger Column

✔ Pump Column

✔ Mini Median Volume Charts

✔ Auto Hyperlinked Pairs

✔ Coin Search

✔ Auto Sorting Options

✔ Min/Max Median Volume Sort Options

✔ Color Coded Rows


**New Pump/Fat Finger Data!**

✔ Potential Expected/Previous Pump and FF Dates

✔ Average Pump/FF Percents

✔ Median Pump/FF Percents

✔ Highest/Lowest Pump/FF Percents

✔ Multi-Filtering Options

Auto Sorting Options

Fat Finger/Pump Indicators

Auto Hyperlinked Coin Pairs - Go Right To The Charts!

Pump/FF Data - Learn your next move!