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Okay, so you're totally into the idea of making some gains with your account. Before you hop down and sign up though, we have some additional tools below that are super helpful for various parts of Crypto land. Trading platforms, charts, portfolio trackers, taxes, automated trading - they're all listed below. If you feel like they might help, go ahead and check them out. Most in the Discord community use one if not several, or even all of the tools listed. Some are free, and some are paid - all are useful. If you haven't signed up for the exchanges provided you can do so below. If you have everything you need, sign up and install the addon.

Sign Up For Account Building Exchanges

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1 Week

→  .0015 BTC  ←

4 Weeks

→  .0045 BTC  ←

12 Weeks

→  0.0122 BTC  ←

24 Weeks

→  0.0216‬ BTC  ←

52 Weeks

→  0.0378 BTC  ←

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If you have a subscription and just need to install the addons,  you can use the links below.

Need BTC?

Recurring Payments

If you're interested in simple recurring payments, Coinbase now offers hassle-free recurring payment options listed under their account tools section.

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