Tradingview Exporter

PCS Tradingview Exporter

This tool allows the user to export the "List of Trades" data from the Tradingview backtester strategy area. While the Tradingview platform allows Pro and Premium users to do this, it is very limited in scope. The PCS Tradingview Exporter provides more functionality by allowing either a snapshot mode or recording mode, dynamic CSV columns based on the inputs of your strategy, a preview of the output, and some additional metrics built it.

The exporter settings are shown when you select the CSV button in the strategy tool bar. There you can choose which columns to include with your CSV.

The snapshot mode allows for a single CSV export based on that current period of data.

The record mode allows you to capture data from one period and then semi automate the replay feature incase you need to go back in time for additional data.

Check out the video for more details.