The Better Traders / PCS Trials

Hello and Welcome to Poobah Crypto Services!

We have partnered with The Better Traders to bring you PCS Trials with specific Better Trader course purchases.

We would like to clarify that even though we have partnered with The Better Traders, we can only answer questions that are related to technical issues pertaining to our services (TBO, Poobah 1 and 2 market scanners etc). All other questions that pertain to course material or have to deal with The Better Traders bundles should be addressed to their email:

Here are links to the TBO + Backtester

TBO Indicator:

TBO Backtester

(Comes with Mastering Passive Income and The Smarter Trader courses only):
Please note, no support via Tradingview chat unless instructed to do so.

If you are not interested in using these services simply do not fill out the form and your email will automatically be removed from our system.


The form below is required to be filled out for access to PCS services.

Your subscription is pre-paid and included in whichever bundle you have purchased.

  • 15 Minutes to Financial Freedom - 30 days

  • Mastering Passive Income - 180 Days

  • The Smarter Trader - 180 Days

After you have completed the form, an automated email will be sent to you with your login key and your subscription will start.

(Check your spam folder also)
Keep note of this email as it will contain start/end dates for your trial. Your PCS trial will expire on the end date listed. This means your TBO access will expire as well.

You will need to acquire more subscription time to continue using the services. You can do so by going here.


Also note that if your Tradingview username is unable to be added at the time of form submission, you will receive another automated email with instructions. Re-submitting this form will not grant you TBO access if it did not work the first time.

You will need to register for every course you have purchased. Trial time will be added together accordingly.

You will have 60 days to activate your trial. If you do not activate your trial in 60 days your trial will be lost.

If you have registered already and need to change your Tradingview username due to an error please use this form:

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